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Things to look into

Arduino but not

I'd like better IO and more UARTs than the  Arduino has. Some options are:

The problem is finding a hobby friendly board. Some options are:

The Stamp has no JTAG. Is there a STM32 monitor that implements the  GDB Remote Protocol?


I'd like a simulator for the STM32. GDB has a simulator but doesn't seem to have Thumb-2 or Cortex-M3. Does it have hardware simulation hooks?

How about:

Ah! QEMU does the  Cortex-M3 for various Luminary Micro chips.


The wiki:ETSTM32Stamp brings out a serial port and nothing else. The STM32 has a built in boot loader. How about a ARM GDB stub that runs over this serial port and allows basic debugging as well?


The WikiReader is simple, accessible, and cheap enough. There's a serial port under some test pads on the back and software can be freely developed for it. The serial port stops at 19200 though - perhaps there's some unusual rates higher up that a FTDI or custom board could do.

Some ideas:

  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Rowing training tool
  • Hardware port (serial pinout etc) quick reference
  • GPS or compass display

or really anything that needs a daylight readable, small display. Add a LPC11xx as an expansion board to provide the I/O.